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Are you looking for business immigration?

Are you contemplating a business immigration move to Canada? The nation is continuously seeking individuals with robust business or managerial experience. Their demonstrated potential to foster economic growth and contribute positively to the Canadian economy is highly valued.

A top preference among foreign entrepreneurs aspiring to expand their business footprint in Canada is the Intra Company Transfer (ICT) Work Permit, a crucial aspect of Canada Business Immigration. This program enables entrepreneurs to move temporarily to Canada using a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt work permit. After completing a year of employment in a Canadian enterprise, they can progress towards permanent residency.

Key eligibility criteria for this Canadian Entrepreneur Visa include:

  1. An established relationship between the overseas and Canadian companies, such as a parent company, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate.
  2. The transferee should have at least one year’s full-time employment in an executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge position parallel to their role in Canada.
  3. The overseas enterprise should possess the financial resources to support the Canadian enterprise during its initial setup and operations.

If your skills can offer substantial benefits to Canada’s cultural or athletic scene, or if you possess farm management experience with the intent and capability to purchase and manage a farm in Canada, the Self-Employed Persons Program may be apt for you.

Individuals with prior experience in business ownership or management may qualify for various Provincial Nomination Business Programs offered by different Canadian provinces, each having distinct eligibility criteria.

Foreign entrepreneurs also have the option to buy a business in Canada, apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), seek a work permit through the Temporary Foreign Workers program, and after their arrival in Canada, apply for permanent residency along with their families under the Owner Operator LMIA program.

Contact Alexander Immigration Services Inc., a trusted provider of Canada Business Immigration Services, to identify the most suitable program aligned with your individual needs, background, and experience.


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