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Canada, a premier destination for International Student Immigration, warmly welcomes over 200,000 international students annually. Embarking on an educational journey in Canada offers an enriching and rewarding experience, underpinned by a superior education system that emphasizes quality and excellence. This educational quality, in turn, paves the way for lucrative career opportunities upon completion of their academic programs.

To apply for a Study Permit, a pivotal step in the Canada Student Visa application process, overseas students must secure enrolment and acceptance at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) in Canada. Once accepted by a DLI, the student receives a Letter of Acceptance, a critical document for the Study Permit Application.

Moreover, applicants must fulfil additional prerequisites such as proving financial stability, maintaining good health, and ensuring a clean criminal record. Make your aspiration of studying in Canada a reality with the right guidance and support.

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Students enrolled in a full-time program may work on-campus or off-campus without a work permit. Certain conditions apply, depending on the location of work, and type of program the student is enrolled in.

According to the application, the conjugal category is intended for partners of Canadian sponsors who would ordinarily apply as:

Common-law partners but cannot meet the definition, that is were not able to live together continuously for one year with their sponsor; or

Spouses, but marriage to their sponsor is usually not an available option to them, usually because of marital status or sexual orientation, combined with an immigration barrier (for example, rules preventing partner and sponsor of long stays in one another’s countries).

You may bring your spouse, common-law partner, and dependent children to Canada to be with you while you study. Your spouse or common-law partner will receive an Open Work Permit for the duration of your studies. The open work permit will allow your spouse or partner to work for any employer within Canada.

Spouses/Common-law Partners of International students studying in Canada are eligible to apply for an Open Work Permit which allows them to work for any employer in Canada in any job. The duration of the work permit will be the same as the spouse’s study permit (visa).

Alexander Immigration Services has relationships with various schools, colleges and Universities and we can help find a suitable institute for you to study. We also assist you with the Study Permit application, Work Permit for your spouse and student visa for your children. Email us if your Study Permit application has been refused and if you wish to reapply again. We will do a thorough analysis of your previous application and submit a new and stronger application addressing the concerns raised. Contact Alexander Immigration Services Inc. to fulfill your educational dreams in Canada.


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