New Public Policy for Quicker Family Reunification

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New Public Policy for Quicker Family Reunification

May 28, 2023

Canada is implementing a new system to expedite family reunification applications, allowing spouses, children, and parents of recent immigrants to join their loved ones more quickly. The system utilizes advanced analytics to speed up visa approval for individuals with pending permanent residency applications, aiming for a turnaround time as short as 30 days.

Under the current system, family members seeking permanent residency in Canada can apply for aย temporary visitor’s visa while awaiting approval of their application. However, such visas are often denied due to concerns that applicants may overstay their permitted period.

The new process evaluates applications and prioritizes those with a high likelihood of obtaining permanent residency. The minister reported an approval rate of over 98 percent for applications under the new system, addressing concerns about discrimination. Additionally, the policy streamlines the issuance of open work permits to eligible foreign nationals and their family members under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class or the Family Class, provided they have valid temporary resident status and reside at the same address as their sponsor in Canada.

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New Public Policy for Quicker Family Reunification

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