New supervisa rules effective July 4, 2022

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New supervisa rules effective July 4, 2022

June 9, 2022

Great news for parents of Canadian PRs and Citizens
Your parents can now continuously stay up to 7 years in Canada, effective July 4, 2022. Previously parents could stay only for 2 years in Canada on a super visa. They had to leave the country and return for another extension of two years. Now, parents do not have to exit the country for up to 7 years. They will be allowed to reside in Canada for 5 years at a stretch and apply for a two-year extension once their 5 years of stay come to an end.
Another positive news is that IRCC will also designate international medical insurance companies to provide medical coverage. This is expected to cut some premium costs for the super visa insurance. Previously only Canadian insurance companies could offer medical insurance for super visa applicants.
Please email if you have any queries or need assistance with your parentsโ€™ super visa applications.
New supervisa rules effective July 4, 2022

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