Huge Demand for Tradespersons in Canada

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Huge Demand for Tradespersons in Canada

July 12, 2019

167,739  new apprentices required in Canada to keep pace with current demand in the next 5 years – this was the result of a joint analysis report by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and Statistics Canada.

Who is a tradesperson?

Skilled workers and supervisors in the industrial, electrical, construction, maintenance & equipment operation, supervisors & technical workers in natural resources, agriculture & related production, processing, manufacturing & utilities supervisors and central control operators, Chefs, cooks, butchers and bakers are considered to be tradespersons in Canada.

Highest Income Trades

According to data from Statistics Canada, Heavy duty equipment technicians had the highest salary at $107,220 after just fours years of certification followed by Steamfitters – Pipefitters at $105,620 and Industrial Mechanic (millwright) at $99,320.

 How can I immigrate to Canada as a skilled trades worker?

To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Have at least 2 years of full-time work experience within the last 5 years in an eligible skilled trade;
  • Meet minimum language levels in English or French;
  • Have an offer of full-time employment for a total of at least one year; or
  • Have a certificate of qualification (CAQ) in your skilled trade issued by a province or territory

How to obtain Certificate of Qualification?

You can apply for this certification if:

You have a Certificate of Apprenticeship for your trade after education and work apprenticeship in Canada, OR

Your Trade Equivalency Assessment application has been approved by a Provincial Regulatory Body

What can Alexander Immigration help you with?

We can help you obtain a Trade Equivalency Assessment in Canada if you already have relevant foreign work experience, Certificate of Qualification and the subsequent Permanent Residency Application.

Alternately, we can also help you obtain admissions to suitable colleges offering trade programs and apprenticeships across Canada to obtain the necessary qualifications to become a Tradesperson.

Contact us by email to know more about how to immigrate to Canada as a Tradesperson.

Huge Demand for Tradespersons in Canada

2 thoughts on “Huge Demand for Tradespersons in Canada

  1. I am interesting to skill trades person as metal fabricator in building construction projects. I have been working since 15 yrs metal fabricator works in nepal .
    Trades person certificates of 3 year training CTEVT of nepal government.
    But I am 49 yrs old man still I can able to work good as possible . So what about age for trade person if is it possible pls advise me.
    My spouse 47 yrs old and my daughter 21 yrs she is studing bachelor in fine arts and son is studing grade 8 and he is 12 yrs
    We want all family migrate in canada same time and hope to get good cooperate with you. Thanks

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