Immigration Fraud Alert

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Immigration Fraud Alert

August 28, 2021

Identity Theft Alert

If any individual were to contact you and promise you a job, claiming to be associated with Hemalatha K Alexander, RCIC or Alexander Immigration Services, Canada – BEWARE!!!

They are not associated with me, or my consulting firm and those associated are clearly indicated in the Contacts page of our website

As evident in our home page we do not obtain jobs and provide immigration services only. We will further never ask you to transfer funds to a bank account without an official invoice or a retainer agreement, communicated through our official email id

It is your hard earned savings- please do not lose your money to scammers who promise fake jobs.

Remember that only Authorized Representatives are permitted to assist you in your immigration applications. Make sure to look up your authorized representative on the ICCRC website ( and use the contact information provided on that platform to contact your potential RCIC to be sure you are dealing with the correct individual.

Low-Cost Canadian Immigration – “Ghost Consultant” Alert

Please do not be fooled by low cost “ghost consultants” who offer their services at a fraction of the price charged by Canadian Government Licensed Immigration Consultants.

They are not officially licensed by the Canadian Government to provide immigration services, and if you are found to be using their services and not someone authorized by the Canadian Government, your application can be disqualified and you may be charged with misrepresentation which will bar you for 5 years from reapplying to Canada.

It is your future at stake here! Please do not think “low-cost” or “cheap” at this juncture that can jeopardize your Canadian prospects.

Job Scams

Excited to get an offer letter from a Canadian Employer? Be careful!

Scammers pose as employers, recruiters, company executives or as immigration consultants (unlicensed, of course) and employ attractive methods to lure people who are desperate to get a job in Canada.

Foreign workers need an offer of employment from a Canadian Employer before being granted a Work Permit, and in most cases the Canadian Employer needs to obtain an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) prior to giving a job offer, unless they are exempt from obtaining an LMIA due to International Agreements, Federal-Provincial Agreements or “Canadian Interests” Category.

If your job offer is too good to be true, then maybe it is not! We can help your employer with the LMIA and help you get the work permit, however, we cannot procure jobs for you in Canada.

Do not trust anyone who says they will get you a job in Canada for a particular cost – they are not genuine, and will be “Ghost Consultants” who are not authorized to do so.

Immigration Fraud Alert

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