Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

March 7, 2019

Canada has launched a new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot to help bring new skilled worker immigrants to smaller communities. This Pilot was developed to help spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities throughout Canada that are contending with ageing populations and labour shortages

The Government of Canada will work with local communities to:

– use immigration to help meet local labour market needs and support regional economic development;

– test a new pathway to permanent residence in rural Canada for skilled foreign nationals at various skill levels;

– create welcoming environments that encourage and help new immigrants to stay in their new communities;

This community-driven Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will facilitate permanent residence for foreign workers of various skill levels in eligible communities in the following provinces and territories:





British Columbia


Northwest Territories


The new Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot will operate alongside Canadaโ€™s Provincial Nominee Program. Communities selected will be announced in spring 2019, with the identification of new permanent resident candidates to start in summer 2019.

Interested? Write to for further information and to check your eligibility to immigrate to Canada.


Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

4 thoughts on “Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot

  1. Dear sir/madam,
    I am Suman Chpagain. Currently, I am staying in Denmark as a dependent of my wife. I am planning to come to Canada after the completion of my wifeยดs study. I also completed higher secondary level and have a good experience in the restaurant sector as a cook. Therefore, I want to move Canada as a cook or through RNIP scheme. Could you please provide me some guidelines for it. Thank you in advance.

    Suman Chapagain

  2. I am from India and I am a Doctor of Pharmacy graduate, I would like to immigrate to Canada to work as an pharmacy technician assistant by Rural and Northern immigration program, so can you help me?

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